Responsibilities of Lawyers

Responsibilities of Lawyers and the Difference with Advocates

The responsibility of a lawyer is to handle legal cases and guard the constitution. In addition, drafting agreement contracts and providing legal information.

One of the responsibilities of a lawyer is to enforce the law. His position is equivalent to that of judges, police and prosecutors. All of these professions are included in the criminal justice system.

Lawyers can offer legal services inside or outside the court. Here, his role is as a consultant for individuals, companies and institutions.

In addition, providing various assistance such as conducting case defense as well as exercising power. You should also learn what an advocate is to understand the difference.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyers?

The responsibilities of a lawyer are very heavy, so you must prepare physically and mentally strong if you want to work in this field. Thus, all cases can be handled properly.

Handling Legal Cases

Lawyers play the role of analyzing problems as well as explaining legal regulations that have been arranged systematically. In addition, create and then apply legal concepts.

Then, resolve the dispute on the party that has the problem. The settlement usually uses elaboration, awards, classification, assessment and theory.

Having Responsibilities To Clients

The responsibilities of a lawyer who has been contracted include representing, defending and also accompanying a case from start to finish. In addition, providing consultation and ensuring clients get their rights.

Make a Contract Agreement

An example of a specialization in the world of lawyers is making and negotiating business contracts for both institutions and individuals. In addition, there are also those who take care of documents such as inheritance letters and agreements.

Providing Information about Legal Studies

You are considered to have more knowledge about the law. Therefore, it is obligatory to enrich the knowledge possessed and then disseminate this knowledge.

Give Criticism or Feedback

Attorneys’ responsibilities also include challenging resolutions that have acceptable evidence and interpretations. You must conduct an audit on every decision that has been passed from the court or legislature.

Overseeing Human Rights and the Constitution

Its role as guardian of the constitution is to enforce regulations and fight for human rights. Another role is to provide information about the legal system, study and then describe a fact.

What are the Differences Between Lawyers and Advocates?

In the world of law, basically, advocates and lawyers are the same. This statement refers to article 32 paragraph 1 in the Advocate Law No. 18 of 2003.

The article reads, namely advocates, legal consultants, legal advisers and practicing lawyers including the advocate profession. Both are distinguished by the scope of work area.

Advocates are tasked with accompanying the legal process and overseeing LBH in providing assistance to needy people. Permit to work in court, according to the Decree of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia. The work area is throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, licenses to practice lawyers are only in certain areas according to the provisions of the local court. The responsibility of a lawyer in a narrower work area than that of an advocate.

Therefore, if you want to provide services outside its territory, you must obtain permission from the destination. Later, after having sufficient experience, they can be appointed as an advocate.

An advocate is a legal representative who has handled at least 10 criminal and civil cases. As for his appointment, it is in accordance with the decree from the minister of law and human rights.

However, since the issuance of Law no. 18 of 2009, the two professions had the same position in the eyes of the law. This also affects the working areas of both, namely equally throughout Indonesia.

You are expected to be able to distinguish the duties of each profession. This information will also make it easier for you to understand what the attorney’s responsibilities are.

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