Nelsonsmithinjurylawyers.com is a marketplace for legal services and legal assistance, according to the regional domicile needed and functions as a meeting place for justice seekers or clients who need legal assistance services with lawyers or legal advisers to assist in legal settlements.

Nelsonsmithinjurylawyers.com is a provider of legal and assistance services that can be trusted and experienced in assisting legal cases consisting of lawyers in the area who have a court proceeding, permit (license), experience in handling legal issues professionally and competently in both criminal law, Civil and/or other public policies, competent and with integrity in assisting and settling cases of justice seekers.

Nelsonsmithinjurylawyers.com in providing legal professional services always adheres to and upholds the ethical principles and professionalism regulated in Law No. 18 of 2003 concerning Advocates and the code of ethics for Indonesian advocates.

VISION: Providing services in assisting justice seekers with professional principles based on ethics, facts and fairness.

MISSION: self-improvement by continuing to learn, complying with the code of ethics for Indonesian advocates, being trustworthy and responsible in exercising power.